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In 2023, having one skill or one job is not enough

  • Embrace the Gig Economy: Adapt to the rise of gig and remote work, enhancing your graphic design and Shopify skills for diverse job roles. The Rise of the Gig Economy (Forbes)
  • Diversify Your Income: Engage in freelancing or consulting in the graphic design and Shopify sectors, or start your own e-commerce business. How to Start Freelancing (Shopify)
  • Enhance Your Skill Set: Combine graphic design skills with e-commerce expertise on platforms like Shopify for a well-rounded skill set. E-commerce Design Trends (Creative Bloq)
  • Increase Your Adaptability: Make yourself more adaptable and appealing to employers seeking multidisciplinary talents in graphic design and Shopify. The Value of Multidisciplinary Skills (Fast Company)
  • Navigate the Evolving Job Market: Stay ahead in the job market with advanced skills in graphic design and Shopify, preparing for technological and economic shifts. Staying Relevant in the Job Market (World Economic Forum)
  • Unlock New Opportunities: Open doors to diverse opportunities by mastering sought-after skills in graphic design and Shopify, equipping you for success in the modern workforce. Opportunities in Graphic Design (Rasmussen University)